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Project Linus was named after the Peanuts character, Linus, because he always carries his precious "security" blanket.  What does that word mean?  Security?  How does it make him feel?  Warm… safe… protected… loved.  One of the best answers we have received to that question is - "It makes him feel like he has his best friend with him all the time!"

 We are excited to introduce our Project Linus - "Kids Helping Kids Program"  to your scout troop, classroom or youth group.  Since kids instinctively understand how much comfort a blanket provides during difficult times, I am sure that this experience will be a powerful one.  To be able to give the gift of comfort and security through a blanket is a wonderful expression of love and compassion.

 There are many options when making a Project Linus blanket.  We have had great success when the kids decorate 8" squares of muslin with either fabric markers or fabric crayons.  The students decorate 8 inch muslin squares which are then made into quilts by Project Linus "blanketeers".  We have a muslin "exchange program" that works as follows.  We will supply the already cut squares of muslin and the school/group will purchase the same amount of fabric and we simply exchange it.  For example, one yard of muslin yields 16 squares.  The muslin typically costs between $1.00 and $2.00 per yard.  There is an optional part of the fabric exchange program. The school/group can make a donation of flannel fabric which is used to finish the quilts. Flannel is typically  priced at $4.00 per yard.  The only other requirement for  this project would be  fabric markers or crayons which are used to decorate the squares.

No-sew blankets can also be made from a single layer of fleece.  (Please no double layer, tied fleece blankets).   Cut fringe measuring no more than 3" long and about one inch wide around the edges of the fabric.  There are several ways to finish the fringe and instructions are available for your use. See “Blanket Info” and scroll down to “How To Finish A Fleece Blanket.”  
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Supply Check List

8" muslin squares for each child.  The fabric should be washed and ironed prior to starting the project.  Some prefer to iron freezer paper to the back of the fabric for stability and to protect the work surface. 

Fabric markers or fabric crayons.  They can be purchased at craft stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart or K-Mart.  One brand that we think works well is Marvey-The Fabric Brush Marker.  Other brands are certainly acceptable, but just make sure that they are permanent fabric markers.  Fabric crayons can also be used, but the fabric squares have to be ironed to set the color before they are returned to Project Linus.

1" masking tape

Paper to practice drawing on.  Some kids like to practice before working on the muslin squares.  This paper should also be used under the muslin to protect the tables.

1  1/2 - 2 yards fleece fabric

Scissors   to cut fabric

Helpful Hints

 About 1/4 of the edges of the muslin squares will become the seams of the quilt.  Remind the kids to not draw on these edges of the muslin because part of their design will be lost.   You may want to tape the fabric to a work surface, covering the 1/4 border so they cannot draw over that line.

Encourage creativity.  Some kids have difficulty thinking of a subject to draw.  Simple suggestions (such as sports, flowers, pets, seasons, hobbies or even the alphabet) will spark their imaginations and off they go!

Since Project Linus blankets are given to kids of all religions, we request that your kids do not include any religious symbols in their designs.

The kids will be using their brains to imagine a design, their fingers to draw and most of all their hearts to  create pictures that will bring happiness to the kids who receive our blankets.

There are many other methods to create a Project Linus blanket.  Let your imaginations be your guide!

 We will provide Project Linus brochures for each child to share with their families.


If you are interested in getting involved or need additional information please contact Peggy Albertson, chapter coordinator:

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